What is Street View?

Google Street View is a virtual tour service built using the well-known Google Street View technology – inside your business. It means that your potential customers can effectively navigate through your property using the familiar Street View controls and see everything you have to offer via their browser.

Google Street View Trusted tours integrate with a number of Google products such as: Google Search, Google Maps, Google Street View, Google+, and Google Local (previously Google Places). This means there’s an enormous Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) value to using Street View – as it will get you higher rankings on the world’s number one search engine. It also means a more complete business listing – which means a much more visually appealing search result. Here’s our client, Scaramanga’s search result compared with one which doesn’t have a Street View:

Mr Droogle Search Results

As you can see, your customers just need to click the “See Inside” link and they will be taken straight to your tour.  A link will also appear on your Google+ profile, and it will also appear as a “See Inside” circle on Google Maps when users pick up the “Pegman”:

See Inside

How it works

filmstripA Google Street View tour is made up of multiple fisheye photographs of your property – all stitched together using computer software to give a full 360 degree view of your surroundings. We’d typically come in and shoot  the minimum of 10-4-4 (the sequence of panoramic pictures which link to Street View and bring the browser 4ft inside your front door) – and up to 30 Point Of Interest photographs to go in the ‘filmstrip’ of images along the bottom of the tour.