Embedding A Google Tour On Your Facebook Page

  1. Prepare a custom icon that is 111 pixels wide by 74 pixels tall. This helps to keep your branding consistent and makes it stand out more than the standard searchlights icon.
  2. Log into the Facebook account which has Admin or Manager status for your business Facebook Page.
  3. Search for “Static HTL Iframe Tab by Woobox”.
  4. Click ‘Install Page Tab’.
  5. Select the Facebook page you want to embed the tour in and click the ‘Add Page Tab’ button.
  6. The Tab Settings box will appear. First go to ‘Page Tab Share Settings’ and Click ‘Edit’
  7. Go to ‘Share Image’, Click the ‘Browse’ button, find your custom icon on your computer and upload it.
  8. Complete the ‘Share Title’ and ‘Share Description’ boxes with what you want a Share of the embedded tour to show as the title and description.
  9. Go to the ‘Page Source’ box and ensure the radio button next to ‘HTML’ is selected.
  10. Copy the embed code (for help with this see our guide on Embedding A Google Tour On Your Website) and paste it into the box under ‘Enter the HTML for your page’.
  11. Go to the ‘Tab Name’ box and enter the label you want to show on the “Apps Tab”.
    N.B. A short title works best here – e.g. ‘Try our Google tour’.
  12. Go to the ‘Tab Image’ line, click ‘Change Tab Image’, then click the ‘Browse’ button to bring up the file upload box – select the custom icon you prepared in Step 1 and upload it.
  13. Click ‘Save Settings’.
  14. If required, click ‘Grant Permission to Application’ to save the tab changes.
  15. Check your embedded tour. If you need to make any changes, click ‘Settings’ (top right), go to the Woobox App settings interface to make the desired changes. Ensure you click ‘Save Settings’ before moving to another settings category.
  16. To check the effect of your new settings, click ‘View Facebook Tab’ (top left)
  17. To finish, click “Sign Out” (located at the top right).