Potential Benefits of Google Street View and 360 tours:

  • It’s great for SEO – a Google Street View tour helps you get found by potential customers by boosting the Google Search ranking of your website.
  • Customers love it – it allows visitors to see your premises, ambiance, stock, facilities, service, unique equipment etc. before they make the journey.
  • A global 24/7 advertising platform
  • One off cost – there’s a one-off cost for adding your tour to Google Maps, no annual fee (so this is a great return on investment).
  • It’s smartphone & tablet-friendly – great for tourists & young people.
  • Flexibility – your Google Street View tour is embeddable so you could add it to your website or Facebook page.  According to Google USA 2012 statistics, visitors spend an average of 5 minutes longer on websites after a Google Street View tour is added to them.
  • Professional photos of products and premises


TourDash – TourDash is an add-on service which offers a way to overlay interactive elements on your 360 tour – e.g. your logo, contact information, links etc.  Examples can be seen on the TourDash website.  Please note, TourDash is not included in the standard tour cost – contact us for more information.

Why choose Mr Droogle?

  • Experience – with over 180 existing tours, we have a wealth of experience under our belts.  Drew was the first photographer in Tayside to go through the Google training way back in 2012.
  • Creativity – we specialise in making unique tours to make you stand out from your competitors.
  • Innovative – we embrace challenges: we’ve shot quad bike tours, a swimming pool view, aerial adventure courses…
  • Large tours – we’ve shot several of the largest tours in Scotland – so we have experience in the challenges involved in large-scale environments.
  • Mr Droogle social media support – every day we share and ‘like’ our clients’ social media posts to help promote you.

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