Mr Droogle is a Google-Certified Photographer offering Google Business View virtual tours which will take your customers inside your premises and allow them to take a look around from the comfort of their own home.  We are based in Dundee but offer our services throughout the whole of Scotland.

Mr Droogle Search ResultsBusiness View not only gives you a great platform to show off your premises to potential customers, but it also offers a great boost in your Search Engine results because Google looks very favourably on Businesses with a Business View tour.  We also make sure our clients get the most out of our services with regular likes and shares on social media, and also our featured “Tour of the Day” – pushed out on all our social media channels.  All this, with the added Mr Droogle bonus that you would be working with the creative mind behind Mr Drew Photography, several award-winning tours, and also some Business View world firsts.

Allow your potential customers to see why they should come to your business or organisation 24/7 for a one-off fee through a Google Maps Business View virtual tour – get in touch with us today!